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Elm tree pruning ban in effect!

Provincial regulations prohibit pruning elm trees from April 1 – August 31 each year to reduce the spread of Dutch Elm Disease. If you notice any signs of Dutch Elm Disease, please report it to the Town Office.

Some signs to look for to detect Dutch Elm Disease:

– Leaves on one or more branches suddenly wilt, droop and curl.
– Leaves turn yellow, then brown and shrivel, but stay on the tree; this is referred to as flagging’.
– DED symptoms can also be seen under the bark of infected branches. When the bark is peeled back, healthy elm wood is cream coloured. But when a tree is diseased, dark brown or red streaks can be seen in the infected sample.
– DED advances quickly and the affected branch will die as more of the tree becomes infected. You might see dead leaves falling out of season.
– If the tree is infected later in the summer, the leaves on the infected branch or branches will droop, turn yellow and drop prematurely. Late season infections are easily confused with normal seasonal changes in leaf color.

Please see links below for our open tenders for the Town of Stoughton:

2023 Cemetery Caretaking Tender

CLOSED Campground Washrooms Tender

CLOSED Pool Fence Tender


The 2022-2023 Corr Grain Community Rocks Curling Tour will be in Stoughton on January 19th!

We are so excited to have the Walker Muyres Team (2018 World’s Bronze Medialists) come to Stoughton for the Community Rocks Curling Tour! Kids age 6-17 can come out for the afternoon for an on ice junior curling clinic, autographs and prizes!
More information on the Corr Grain Community Rocks Tour can be found here: Community Rocks Curling Tour

Please ensure only eligible items are being placed in your blue recycling bins!

Garbage and recycling bins should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6pm the day before collection and removed from the street by midnight on the day of pickup.  These timelines are in place to minimize the chance of bins being damaged and to aid in snow removal.

Our Town and surrounding community are fortunate to have a local Ambulance and Fire Department to respond to emergencies.  Both of these groups are in need of more people in order to maintain service.  They will provide all necessary training.  For more information please contact
Ambulance – Diana at 306-457-7275
Fire Department – Pat at 306-457-7783

Town Flags for Sale $125 plus tax.  Flags are 36” x 72”  To purchase one contact Town Office.

In need of tables and chairs?  The Rec board rents out tables, chairs and a sound system.  Contact the Town Office for contact information.

The Town of Stoughton has  4 Lots for Sale on Sidney Avenue for $45,000 each.  They are 69′ x 100′.  For more information please contact the Town Office or view our Terms of Sale.

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