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Featured Photo September 2023

Photo Courtesy of Bette Dyke

Featured Photo August 2023

Photo Courtesy of Karla Gervais

Featured Photo July 2023

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Zoer

Featured Photo June 2023

Photo Courtesy of Deborah McLenaghan

Featured Photo May 2023

Photo Courtesy of Colleen Ryalls

Featured Photo April 2023

Photo Courtesy of Rowena Clements

Featured Photo March 2023

Photo Courtesy of Jen Hogg
Photo Courtesy of Jen Hogg

Featured Photo February 2023

Photo Courtesy of Deborah McLenaghan

Featured Photo January 2023

Photo Courtesy of Jade Larose

Featured Photo December 2022

Photo Courtesy of Kyle Larose

Featured Photo November 2022

Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hoffman
Photo Courtesy of Danielle Hoffman

Have you had a chance to see new addition to Main Street? Our new Stoughton Green Space is now complete. We are so fortunate that we have received funding from 2 grants to complete this project. The Community Foundations of Canada through the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative provided the project with $35,000 in funding. In addition to this support, the Town was also provided with a further $53,860 contribution through the Western Economic Diversification Canada under the Canada Community Revitalization Fund. We are so grateful to have been granted this funding and make this plan a reality. Thank you to everyone who helped in this venture, we look forward to seeing the community enjoying the space.

Featured Photo October 2022:

Photo Credit: Kari Ogilvie
Photo courtesy of Kari Ogilvie


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