Please note: The Town Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday December 21 is being moved to 3:30 pm.

Garbage pick up will continue as scheduled for THURSDAY NOVEMBER 11.

The Precautionary Drinking Water advisory placed on 100 Block Jones, 300 Block Russell St and 100 Block East Railway Ave has been lifted as of today November 1, 2021.

Please see the following documents with information regarding a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory in place for the 100 block Jones Ave, 300 block Russell St, and 100 block East Railway Ave. Please contact the town office with any questions.

20211026 – Stoughton – PDWA Letter

20211026 – Stoughton – PDWA Poster

Tax notices will be mailed out by the end of the month. The Council has passed a motion to extend the 5% discount period until September 30th (normally January 1st-August 31st) as well a discount of 3% will be offered during the month of October. Taxes are due in full by December 31st 2021.

The water on 400 block Main St will be shut off for the remainder of the day, June 24th, due to a water main break that needs repairing. Further update will be posted as necessary.

Happy 100th birthday

to our town resident Willie Fields!!!

Info regarding Willie’s life:

William’s father, Thomas, went out went out East to marry Annie in 1909 and brought her out West to begin their new lives. William “Willie” Fields was born in Stoughton, Sk on April 19th, 1921.

He attended school at Fraser country school until the age of 13, at which time he left to farm with his father. In 1953, his father met with a vehicle accident which took his life.  Willie continued on farming, living at the farm with his mother until she passed away in 1968. 

In the fall of 1975, after harvest, Willie sold the farm.  Having only 6 months to leave the farm, he purchased an RTM home and a lot in the Town of Stoughton on Russell St.

Willie has had many interests in his life, his church, anything to do with motors and cars.  He visited and toured the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit, MI and the Trains museum in Denver, CO. He had a metal lathe in his basement and made a model steam engine. Also, he repaired many clocks in the area and enjoyed the painstaking patience to do so. 

He resided on Russell Street for 37 & 1/2 years, the moved to Sunset Manor in town where he has been living independently to this day! (7 & 1/2 years).  Its been 45 years since he left the farm!

We hope Willie has a very happy 100th birthday!!!

The water break has been fixed and Public Works are getting the hole on Government Road filled in. Thank you for your patience. February 24th, 2021.

The water will be shut off till noon, then on for 1 hour (12-1), then will be shut off till the break has been fixed. Updates will be provided throughout the day.

Main Line Break PDWAPDWA

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