SaskPower SMR Information Sessions

Thank you for taking the time today to learn more about SaskPower’s future power supply planning that includes the potential for a small modular reactor or SMRs. A SMR is a smaller version of a nuclear power plant.

SaskPower started the planning phase for this power option last year. Planning for a nuclear power project needs to start now to keep it as a future power supply option. Starting the site evaluation as a first step is also necessary for the regulatory review process. The final decision on whether to build a SMR will be made in 2029.

We use technical criteria when planning potential locations for a SMR. For example, the site must be near a large water body, existing power lines and connection facilities. Based on these criteria and others, we have narrowed down to potential study areas. We wanted to make you aware that your municipality falls within one of these areas.

SaskPower will now start evaluating each region in more detail to identify options for a potential nuclear power project location. This evaluation process will help us gather more information about what matters to members of the community including municipalities, stakeholders and Rightsholders.

As we evaluate each region in more detail, our goal is to select a site by the end of 2024. This step will be followed by many more opportunities for engagement and further dialogue, as a final decision to build will not be made until 2029.

Public SMR Information Session – Thursday, September 22, 2022 

For residents of your municipality, we have scheduled information sessions this Thursday, September 22nd to learn more about this project and ask questions. Please visit the event links below as an early opportunity to engage on this project. 

Link for Public SMR Information Session (Online) 

·                  Option #1 – 12:00 PM, Thursday, September 22, 2022 

·                  Option #2 – 7:00 PM, Thursday, September 21, 2022