The Blooming Street Challenge will begin in May and go through until September. The intent of this challenge is to inspire residents to take pride in our community by keeping yards, boulevards and alleys clean of debris, grass cut and trees trimmed!

Streets will be judged by the Commissioner and the winning street will get a Block Party Bar- B- Q!

  • Cut grass and weeds to a reasonable length and remove fallen leaves, litter and debris from the boulevard beside your property. Grow a healthy lawn to choke out nuisance weeds such as dandelions. Spot treat or pull by hand to reduce herbicide use at home.
  • Prune trees and shrubs around your yard so they do not hang over or block pedestrians or motorists using the sidewalks, alleyways and roads beside your property.
  • Clean up waste such as garbage, boxes, tires, vehicle parts, building materials, old furniture, machinery, household goods, loose litter etc. Excessive waste creates unsightly conditions, attracts pests and poses health risks

Sponsored by the Stoughton Chamber of Commerce