Taylor Park

Taylor Memorial Park was named after Wilfred C. Taylor,
the town’s first Mayor.

A quiet walk along the winding pathways of Taylor Park can be a refreshing experience.  Surrounding a man-made pond, this small patch of green lies just west of Main Street. One may sit on the park benches for a while and watch the ducks, geese and muskrats play.

Equipped with picnic sites and a restroom, it’s great for family or group gatherings. A large sand box with playground equipment is available for the children. The illuminated pathways makes for an enjoyable evening walk through the park.

Our park has seen some major upgrades thanks to volunteers.  A walking path now is extended all around the pond and a fountain has been installed.  Visit at night to see it light up!

Future plans for the park include a band stand, and a serving booth for the large gatherings. Each new step is taken as money is provided.



During the winter months the Taylor Memorial Park pond is transformed to accommodate a wide variety of outdoor winter activities. These include a skating oval, nets and an area to play a game of shinny, and a Crokicurl house. Head on out this winter to check it out, you could also stop in at the Town Office to rent out a set of snowshoes or cross country skis!

Skating Oval
Shinny Area
Crokicurl House